The definitive consumer driven ESG benchmark Index that delivers on the value proposition of bottom-line plus a better world.

The HelmScoreTM Benchmark Index includes performance analysis on the Core Predictive HelmScoreTM Variables, competitive benchmarking, and score carding. Business leaders use the HelmScoreTM to gain visibility into both potential issues and emerging opportunities and achieve greater return on their ESG investment.  Financial services professionals integrate the HelmScoreTM and its underlying data with other industry information sources to inform buy/sell decisions and trading strategies, develop new investment portfolios, and enhance performance of existing products.

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Intelligence Reports 

In-depth reports that draw a direct link from ESG activities to consumer-driven value creation.

Intelligence reports build on our HelmScoreTM Benchmark Index with more in-depth sector and prescriptive analysis on a trended basis across Helm’s Key Predictive ESG VariablesTM.  These reports include deep audience profiling and opportunity mapping, visibility into potential issues and emerging opportunities, best practices, and more. Businesses leverage this strategic asset to grow ESG-inspired brand value. Financial services professionals use Helm’s Intelligence Report to measure and produce higher ESG investment-specific returns.

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Strategy Modules

Develop the strategy your company needs to realize the full potential of ESG initiatives.

For senior business and brand leaders, Helm Strategy Modules are deep dive, prescriptive engagements that blend Helm’s ESG thought leadership with your intellectual property to identify organization and brand-specific opportunities to chart and inform scenario planning, ESG decision-making, and investment opportunities. Strategy Modules bring Helm’s experience into your organization to help you further develop your ESG competency and leadership. They help companies build a firm foundation for ESG-inspired leadership that directly ties to the P&L.

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Velocity Engagements  

Pinpoint the ESG activities to prioritize, the story to tell, and the language to use to educate the market and set you apart from your peers.

Immersive Velocity Engagements build on the firm-specific Helm Strategy Module outputs to uncover the specific story to tell, the language to use, and the marketing, content, and digital strategy to communicate the optimal ESG-driven brand messages based on predictive consumer intelligence. Companies leverage Velocity Engagements to optimize their ESG strategy, story, and in-market activation to educate the market and drive competitive advantages.

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Custom ESG Intelligence 

Helm’s custom ESG intelligence solutions support a comprehensive approach to ESG market value creation and analysis.

Helm customized ESG intelligence solutions span the full range of ESG activities including development and launch of ESG-inspired products and campaigns, ESG creative and message testing, ESG rapid response and crisis management, and custom ESG issue, audience, and intelligence monitoring. Mapped to your unique needs and business goals, Helm’s custom solutions support a proprietary and comprehensive approach to ESG market value creation and analysis that expertly complement the HelmScoreTM Benchmark Index and Helm’s Intelligence Reports.

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Helm Daas Solutions 

Leverage the full scope of Helm’s ESG intelligence asset to meet your unique needs.  

The HelmTrenchTM platform supports Data as a Service (DaaS) on-demand access to Helm’s predictive consumer ESG intelligence on both subscription and usage-based pricing models to support a diverse range of business and investment decision making processes.  Clients leverage our DaaS solutions to analyze and match Helm’s intellectual property with other rich information sources and data to generate proprietary insights.  This data supports custom development and deployment solutions mapped to your business strategy, needs, and goals.   

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