Frequent Questions

How is Helm different?

Helm is an ESG intelligence firm that draws a direct link from ESG activities to consumer-driven value creation.  We are the only firm bridging the gap between consumer opinion and ESG company performance, delivering predictive intelligence on what people really think about the ESG activities of companies, and what these ESG specific activities inspire consumers to do. Our proprietary methodology and machine-learning analytics platform calculates the impact of ESG activities on how consumers feel and, importantly, a prediction of how consumers will act. We uncover the links between ESG activities, consumer perception and purchase behavior. 

Why now?

Today’s consumer is quickly becoming more socially and globally aware. Yet, our data indicates that corporate action is trailing public sentiment – and in many cases the gap between public expectation and business reality is growing, not closing. At the same time, business leaders face growing pressure – from consumers, employees, and investors – to move ESG beyond talk to action. Leaders need to know that the initiatives they are implementing are not only “doing good” but will also add value to their businesses and brands. So, this isn’t only timely, it’s time. We see Helm as the value-add partner business leaders and professional investors need to realize the full potential of their ESG strategies and deliver on the value proposition of “bottom-line plus better world.”

How do business leaders and brands work with Helm?

Business and brand leaders utilize Helm’s ESG research products, diagnostics, benchmark, and trend reports to uncover the ESG activities that consumers overall and between generations prioritize and the purchase behaviors they drive. They work with Helm to identify the product brands that are best positioned to carry their ESG story and, where possible, have the best potential to command a price premium.  To gain visibility into potential issues (brand protection) and emerging opportunities (brand growth). To optimize their ESG strategy, story, and in-market activation based on predictive consumer intelligence in ways that both educate and speak to multiple constituencies – e.g., consumers, customers, employees, investors, analysts, and regulators, and so on.  And, to anticipate consumer expectations ahead of competitors and act.

How do professional investors work with Helm?

Professional investors utilize Helm’s ESG research and data in ways that are personalized and tailored to them. They access Helm’s research to inform investment recommendations and decisions. They merge our intelligence with other rich information sources designed to guide buy/sell decisions and trading strategies. They use our solutions to develop new investment portfolios and boost the performance of existing products. Our solutions help them meet growing demand from clients around how portfolio design reflects their ESG priorities - and to adjust accordingly with accuracy.

Why should I partner with Helm?

Helm enables brand and financial services professionals to act with confidence, creating competitive advantage by making smarter and timelier brand- and business-driving ESG decisions. We give brand leaders the ability to plan, act, and message the market, while financial services professionals are able for the first time to rigorously evaluate the consumer impact of brands’ ESG actions – based on predictive consumer intelligence. We do this by uncovering the direct links between ESG actions, consumer perception and purchase behavior brand and financial services professionals need to grow ESG-inspired brand value and produce higher returns.

What exactly is the HelmScoreTM?

The HelmScoreTM Benchmark Index reports rank company and product brands against their industry sector and category peers on Helm’s Core Predictive HelmScoreTM Variables; more specifically, these variables are the optimal ESG activities drawn from our database of more than 200 ESG-related questions. By “optimal” we mean a subset of those 200+ ESG-related questions that are collectively able to statistically predict, with high accuracy, consumers’ attitudes and intended behaviors that are directly linked to brand performance and asset value within a given industry sector, category, and sub-category. In effect, the HelmScoreTM converts consumer opinion on the ESG activities of companies and brands into a strategic asset that clients leverage to make sense of how specific ESG activities affect market performance.  

Note that for ease for business leaders and professional investors, the HelmScoreTM Benchmark Index is mapped to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). So, the HelmScoreTM compares companies and brands within a specific industry sector– e.g., Staples, category, e.g., Beverages, and sub-category, e.g., Beverages/Non-Alcoholic, allowing both for benchmarking, score-carding, and performance analysis within sectors and categories, and supporting best practices discussions across them. Custom Index scores are also available for clients.

How does a Helm Strategy Module engagement work?

Helm Strategy Modules leverage our institutional knowledge and perspective gained from our extensive range of work with leading companies across industry sectors. They blend our brand and category Intelligence Reports with client-sourced intellectual property and data to inform a custom, proprietary report mapped to your business’s objectives. Importantly, this is not a research report. It is a strategic business discussion designed to chart and inform scenario planning, ESG decision-making, and investment opportunities to position companies to move beyond risk mitigation and to ESG-inspired momentum and value creation.  

Helm Strategy Modules bring together all the relevant senior executives in one place, promoting inspired discussion and a free exchange of ideas to develop the synergies required to strengthen a company’s ESG core and build a better tomorrow. They uncover opportunities for your ESG strategy to work harder. They identify specific areas to optimize your ESG activities and strategies based on predictive consumer intelligence.

What is a Velocity Engagement?

Helm Velocity Engagements bring classical marketing to the cutting edge, drawing a direct link between ESG consumer opinion and market outcomes. Applying a proprietary network modeling approach that combines the science that today’s technology provides, with the art of traditional market research and hypothesis-driven message and narrative testing, Velocity Engagements enable senior business and marketing leaders to optimize their ESG strategy, story, and in-market activation to create measurable business value.

Balancing the art of business and brand strategy with the science of data-informed decision making, Helm Velocity Engagements help companies positively impact competitive advantage and business performance by making the right bets on ESG strategy, marketing, and investments.

How do Helm’s DaaS Solutions work?

Helm’s DaaS solutions provide clients with on-demand access to Helm’s reliable and high quality ESG intelligence. Clients can choose from our standard industry sector, category, or sub-category intelligence across all consumers or specify their own personalization criteria to meet their preferences. Each deliverable includes its own glossary of terms, definitions, metadata, and business rules. For ease for business leaders and professional investors Helm’s industry sector, category, and sub-category intelligence is mapped to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) but can be tailored and modified.