About Us

Helm is predictive of consumer opinion and behavior.

Helm draws a direct correlation from the ESG activities of brands that are 85%+ predictive of consumer opinion and behavior.

We deliver this unmatched level of predictive accuracy in our strategies because we are continually talking to consumers about ESG and employ advanced data analytics to derive and refine a predictive modeling algorithm to transform the data into actionable intelligence for corporate and financial services executives on the ESG activities that consumers prioritize and the purchase behaviors they drive.

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In fact, the modeling methodology we employ powers the algorithms used by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon in their cloud platforms, and it consistently surfaces as THE most predictive of real-world outcomes in the most rigorous and recognized modeling competitions.

The result: Helm gives business and brand leaders the ability to plan, act, and message the market to realize the full potential of their ESG strategies and activities. Financial services professionals are able -- for the first time -- to rigorously evaluate the true consumer impact of brands’ ESG actions based on predictive consumer intelligence.

how the team came up with Helm

Our Story

The idea for Helm grew out of a few, connected market insights:

  • That ESG has clearly and quickly moved to the top of the agenda for business and financial services leaders.  

  • Market performance is dependent as much on value and alpha creation as it is on risk mitigation.

  • That today’s consumers are more socially and globally aware.  

  • And that awareness is no longer simply impacting opinion on the margins, it’s playing a growing role in how consumers behave, what motivates them, and how brands and businesses are perceived.

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ESG has emerged, then, as an area of high risk and responsibility with little rigor or ways to uncover the active roles companies can take to drive ESG-inspired growth and innovation while also meaningfully contributing to the goal of a better world for all. In a world where ESG concerns are becoming more urgent than ever, Helm helps clients mind that gap.

That's Why We Built Helm

Helm is the first and only ESG solutions provider that calculates the impact of ESG activities not only on howc onsumers feel but, more importantly, a prediction of how consumers will act. We are the only company bringing the same level of analysis to value creation that others bring to risk exposure, identifying the ESG factors that will motivate consumers and grow brands and businesses. We provide actionable insight powered by advanced data analytics that rounds out the view into theESG marketplace -- enabling clients to break the tradeoff between ESG risk mitigation and value creation.


ESG is continually evolving, and so are we. We maintain a fresh, forward-focused sensibility that demonstrates our commitment to pushing boundaries, looking ahead, and finding solutions before our clients know they need them.


We are a team that understands both the importance and limitations of risk avoidance monitoring solutions to ESG efforts and knows how to solve the complexities involved in drawing a direct link between ESG, consumer opinion and behavior, and the bottom line.


We favor language that is clear, straightforward, and sincere. When discussing our ESG solution we recognize there is a lot to unpack.  We take the time to help people make sense of it all and bring them along with us as our products and solutions evolve.


We are committed to unlocking ESG-driven value creation for our clients and contributing to the broader goal of a better world. It’s this commitment that positions business leaders and professional investors to do so much more with Helm.